KLABS at events


University of Belgrade (17 WB teaching staff participants)

  • 13.04.2016. Examples of the EU second cycle programmes relevant to KLABS (Prof. Dr Tillmann Klein, Doc. Dr Enrico Anguillari, Jun. Prof. Dr Linda Hildebrand and Assist. March Janez Grom)

TU Delft (17 WB teaching staff participants)

  • 09.05.2016. Master Track BT of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the TU Delft (Ir. Peter Teeuw)

  • 10.05.2016. Design-Build Case Study – Visit to the Pret-a-Loger House in Delft (guided by the staff from the TU Delft)

Universita IUAV di Venezia (22 WB teaching staff participants)

  • 13.07.2016. Integrated urban design E – studio for 21st century sustainable metropolitan region (Prof. Maria Chiara Tosi)

  • 13.07.2016. Learning outside the classroom (Assoc. Prof. Dr Alenka Fikafak)

  • 13.07.2016. Knowledge online (Prof. Dr Branka Dimitrijević)

  • 13.07.2016. Blended learning – Integration of in-class courses and E-learning (Jun. Prof. Dr Linda Hildebrand and Prof. Dr Tillmann Klein)

  • 13.07.2016. MSc programme Sustainable Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (Prof. Dr David Grierson)

  • 15.07.2016. Methodology of the International W.A.Ve Workshop , organised annually by the IAUV (visit to the workshop sessions, tutored by IUAV professors and guest tutors from abroad)

University of Strathclyde (20 WB teaching staff participants)

  • 31.05.2017. Flipped Classroom method (Prof. Dr Tillmann Klein)

  • 31.05.2017. From students’ workshop to final project - a method of teaching by direct involvement (Assist. Janez Grom)

University of Ljubljana (26 WB teaching staff participants)

  • 13.09.2017. Presentations given during the visit to the Urban Planning Institute of Slovenia: Brownfields (Assist. Boštjan Cotič); Encouraging residents to cycle to work – Campaigns and bicycle friendly employer certification (Dr. Luka Mladenovič); Participatory approaches to urban public space – Human Cities (Assist. Dr Matej Nikšič)

  • 13.09.2017. Working with the students in practice (Assist. Nejc Černegoj)

  • 13.09.2017. Methodology of Urban Design Studio & Workshops (Assoc. Prof. Dr Alenka Fikfak)

  • 13.09.2017. Methodology of Urban Design and Urban Planning courses (Assist. Prof. Dr Ilka Čerpes)

  • 13.09.2017. Sustainability, resilience and wellbeing (Prof. Tadej Glažar)

  • 13.09.2017. Theory in urbanism and architecture (Dr Luka Skansi)

  • 13.09.2017. Use of IT tools in university programmes in architecture and urbanism (Assist. Janez Grom, Assist. Miha Konjar, Assist. Nejc Černigoj)

  • 13.09.2017. Social culture, law, economy (Dr Boštjan Bugarič, Assist. Dr Mater Nikšič)

University of Belgrade (10 UB teaching staff participants)

  • 30.11.2017. Sustainable urbanism and globalisation: architectural and urban transformations in emerging cities of the Middle East (Prof. Dr Ashraf Salama)

  • 01.12.2017. Workshop on architectural and urban design education for a knowledge-making profession (Prof. Dr Ashraf Salama)

University of Banja Luka (25 WB teaching staff participants)

  • 13.12.2017. Održivi prostorni razvoj Glazgova u prošlosti i danas (Prof. Dr Branka Dimitrijević)

  • 14.12.2017. Studio teaching (Prof. Dr Branka Dimitrijević)

  • 14.12.2017. Education at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana (Assist. Janez Grom)

University of Mitrovica (6 UM teaching staff and 20 UM student participants)

  • 22-26.03.2018. Methodology of architectural and urban design workshops on the example Sustainable urbanisation of Gračanica (Assoc. Prof. Dr Alenka Fikfak and Prof. Tadej Glažar)

University of Belgrade (3 UB teaching staff and 10 UB students’ participants)

  • 25.6-13.7.2018. Methodology of architectural and urban design workshops on the example Bebića Luka – Valjevo, Eco-village for a self-sufficient community (Doc. Dr Enrico Anguillari, Dr Athanassia Sakellariou and Dr Damiano Fraccaro )

Higher Technical Professional School in Zvečan (19 WB teaching staff and 17 students of the UM specialist study programme Sustainability and Resilience of the Built Environment)

  • 23.04.2018. Environmental assessment: methodology, software and tools (Jun. Prof. Dr Linda Hildebrand)

  • 23.04.2018. Software for energy simulation (Assist. Prof. Dr Thaleia Konstantinou)