Main project results

KLABS project aims to deliver diverse results, where the innovative study programmes, educational material and centres for sustainable and resilient environments account for the main tangible and sustainable ones.

The approach related to the development of interdisciplinary curricula joining areas of engineering, architecture and construction with the environmental protection is based on the principle of modularity, in order to avoid multiplication of the same programme. Just oppositely, KLABS aims to promote diversity and to offer multiple choices for knowledge upgrade. Additionally, the modularity is promoted in the development of curriculum of each Partner Country institution.

The project further foresees the development of inter-institutional flexible learning paths, where elective subjects developed in one of the Partner Countries institutions will be offered to the students at other participating institutions, based on the principle of virtual mobility and with support of contemporary teaching and learning methodologies, information and communication technology, e-learning and created electronic open educational resources.

Joint mission of all partners included in project will lead to the production of innovative high-quality educational material that interprets two contemporary and challenging issues – sustainability and resilience of the built environment.

Every Partner Countries institution included in project will establish field-specific Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Environments of regional significance. These centres - distinguished spaces will be used as laboratories in which the experimental part of education on various aspects of sustainability and resilience will be carried out, and in which the real-life case studies will be conducted. Every centre will be equipped with library units, individual working stations for students, computers with different software for simulations and assessments, plotters and printers and the equipment for field work. By linking all established centres into one network, different segments of sustainability and resilience will be covered.