Project aim and objectives

The overall aim of the project Creating the Network of Knowledge Labs for Sustainable and Resilient Environments, according to the original plan, was to support modernisation of higher education in Western Balkan Region by implementing strategic approach in the development of innovative platform for the delivery of knowledge about sustainable and resilient environments.

Specific project objectives were the following:

  • To develop, validate and implement innovative curricula in Western Balkan consortium institutions, adjusted to European and national standards and priorities, and realistic potentials,
  • To introduce virtual mobility of students and staff in WB institutions,
  • To produce, validate the quality and put into use the innovative educational material,
  • To develop innovative tools, methodologies and approaches to education, including the studies of real-life cases, creation of virtual learning platforms and open educational resources,
  • To develop innovative institutional capacities by founding and equipping the knowledge labs - Centres for Sustainable and Resilient Environments,
  • To upgrade knowledge and skills of teaching/IT staff in order to ensure high quality exploitation of project outcomes, and
  • To promote KLABS work and achievements.

KLABS Consortium is proud to announce that the listed objectives were reached during the official implementation period, meaning that the overall project aim, as envisaged in project application, is fulfilled.