Western Balkan partners established bilateral collaboration in education and research prior to the project. KLABS introduced novelty and specified the area of collaboration – sustainability and resilience of the built environment. As a result, six Western Balkans KLABS higher education institutions were integrated into the Network of Knowledge Labs for Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment in the Balkans .

Every Network Member has its primary thematic area that corresponds to the scope of KLABS programmes, i.e. to developed professional profiles and expertise of educators, and the capacities built through the project, as follows:

  • resource efficiency, and sustainability and resilience assessments (University in Kosovska Mitrovica),

  • energy efficient and green architecture (University of Belgrade),

  • fire protection of buildings (Higher Technical Professional School in Zvečan),

  • energy efficiency of settlements (State University of Novi Pazar),

  • integrated architectural and urban design (University of Banja Luka), and

  • environmental infrastructure management (Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar).

By signing multilateral agreement regarding Network development and functioning , Members defined the common goal that is to continuously promote sustainable development and resilience of the built environment in the Western Balkan context, in educational, research and professional terms, by:

  • organizing joint activities and events based on capacities built within the project KLABS,

  • developing new initiatives and proposals, and acquiring new material resources,

  • involving different stakeholders in organized activities and events, from the students of KLABS programmes to the educators, to the citizens and local governance, to the industry sector,

  • taking action in widening the Network and accepting the new members, following the consent from core Members, and

  • promoting Network activities and results on institutional, local, regional and international levels.

Cooperation among Network Members shall be performed through the following specific activities and programmes:

  • organization of at least one lecture per school year, open for public, students and professionals, as a support to already established KLABS programmes, and inviting all signatories of Network Agreement to participate,

  • organization and offer to all Members the lectures by using virtual mobility on regular basis for every school year,

  • encouraging knowledge transfer and exchange of information concerning scientific achievements, important conferences and symposia of mutual interest, by using KLABS website, websites of Network Members, e‐mail correspondence and academic social networks, and

  • taking action in widening the Network and accepting the new members, following the consent from core Members, and

  • publication of educational, research and professional results achieved within the Network.

For visual identity , Network will use KLABS logo. Official channel for promotion and dissemination of Network results is KLABS project website.