KLABS at events


Joint result

25 September 2018. University in Kosovska Mitrovica. Interactive debate on the core professional/educational themes of developed programmes, with the participation of the whole KLABS consortium, and invited representatives from the academia, and public and enterprise sector.

University in Kosovska Mitrovica

22-26 March 2018. Gračanica Workshop at the Cultural Centre of Gračanica and the Municipality of Gračanica. Open for the public. Demonstration of the school work scope with the accent on the sustainability and resilience aspects and the links to new study programme developed at the UM.


11 June 2018. Gračanica Cultural Centre. Delivery of the extract from the course Sustainability, Resilience and the Built Environment taken from the new study programme and adjusted to specific case study (Gračanica settlement), together with the presentation of the results of the application of knowledge acquired.

blended_environment_urbanisation_of_gracanica_11062018 .

State University of Novi Pazar

September – October 2018. Series of lectures “Energy Efficiency of Settlements”, intended for public sector, organised at the State University in Novi Pazar. Lectures are the extracts from developed curriculum, and they encompass the following topics: Sustainable architecture – from vernacular to contemporary; Sustainable development in architecture and urban design; Energy performance of buildings; Achievement of energy efficiency through the interventions on building envelope; Waste management.