KLABS Educational material

In parallel with other activities, project KLABS is working on the development/production of innovative high-quality educational material.

KLABS book series Reviews of Sustainability and Resilience of the Built Environment for Education, Research and Design comprises six thematic parts: 1. Sustainability, resilience and the built environment; 2. Sustainable urban design; 3. Integrated urban planning; 4. Energy, buildings and cities; 5. Design for sustainability and resilience; and 6. Methods and tools for integrated design, with the common goal to provide state-of-the-art, concise and critical reviews of the aspects of sustainability and resilience, their meaning, significance and interrelations in the built environment, in particular referring to:

  • philosophy, approaches, concepts, methods and cases related to the sustainability and resilience of the built environment, at its different scales,

  • current state in the field, including engineering practice, with special reference to the Western Balkan geographical context, and

  • research gaps and newly recommended educational/research areas.

The purpose of KLABS educational material is to:

  • assist the students, who are continuing their education or are coming back to the university to upgrade knowledge and skills from the present standpoint, to become functional specialists/professionals,

  • bring closer the research to upper levels of university education and later to the work in practice,

  • facilitate educators' efforts to innovate teaching process, present state-of-art achievements in subject fields, and to introduce research in their teaching, and

  • contribute to comprehensive curriculum innovation in the framework of KLABS project, i.e. to the implementation of contemporary pedagogies in upper levels of university education, where learning, research and design exist together and are connected with each other.

Besides the innovative character which overpasses project boundaries, the impact of the book series "Reviews of Sustainability and Resilience of the Built Environment for Education, Research and Design" on KLABS project consortium is maximised with the adoption of modular (chapter) content development, where every of six thematic parts can be used at different postgraduate courses developed at Western Balkan higher education institutions, i.e. where every of six thematic areas corresponds to several developed programmes.

The purpose defines publication type. In this regard, authors’ contributions to KLABS book series will be designed as state-of-the-art review articles which address current matters and not as original research articles which identify new scientific problems. The contributions are book chapters which critically summarize existing and possibly add new points to the current state in the field, i.e. to the problem discussed, either by a way that problem is approached or by proposing new ideas and research directions for its interpretation or even resolution. "Unlike research articles, review articles are good places to get a basic idea about a topic" (The University of Texas in Austin, n.d.), having regarded that they synthesize existing knowledge in a novel way and also offer new knowledge. All mentioned facts make students and novice researchers an optimal reading audience of the reviews. Among the methods commonly used in review articles are: description, critical analysis, classification, comparison, evaluation, synthesis, argumentative discussion, and other. By methodological approach, all manuscripts will be classified either as narrative or best evidence review (Mayer, 2009).

The development of KLABS educational material is organised in progress steps; the work was shared among Editors-in-Chief, Editors and Authors from all KLABS participating institutions. Produced material will be internally and externally reviewed, translated to national languages of Western Balkan KLABS partners and published under open access licenses.


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