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Work methodology of KLABS project is elaborated through five work package types, encompassing in total 24 work packages necessary to achieve project aims and objectives.

WP 1 - Initiation of project implementation includes organisation of the Kick-off meeting where the bodies relevant for project implementation will be established and various project management issues will be elaborated; and the analyses of needs, constrains and possibilities for curricula development. WP1 lasts 4 months.

WP 2 - Development of study programmes includes activities, tasks and events aiming to create advanced conditions for the introduction of new study programmes in official institutional educational offer at every Partner Countries higher education institution, i.e. for the implementation of new programmes in the third year of the project. WP2 will last 21 months.

WP 3 - Quality control and monitoring encompasses procedures and activities necessary to reach and maintain high quality of the project and of derived results. This package will be active through the whole project life.

WP 4 - Dissemination and exploitation of project and results covers wide range of actions and events aiming to spread wide the information about KLABS results and to utilise them in the most effective and the most professional way. The continuity of WP4 extends beyond project life; the long lasting use of KLABS results is secured by careful planning of methods and means used for dissemination.

WP 5 - Project management. Over the 36-month long project cycle, various project management activities will be carried out, including here the organisation of Project Management Team meetings, project finances guidance, administration, and organisation and coordination of project work.